How to have Fun Programming: BounceF*ck

Everyone knows that programming can get a bit boring after a while. How many times have you not become bored of writing your code just like you write text, line after line, from left to right? Most have.

That is where esoteric programming languages come into the picture. From Wikipedia:

An esoteric programming language (sometimes shortened to esolang) is a programming language designed as a test of the boundaries of computer programming language design []

Give yourself a challenge and test your boundaries, too. In BounceFuck, the code is written in a two-dimensional matrix, and the code flow can be redirected into eight different directions with mirrors and arrows.

Here is the Hello World example from the BounceFuck main page:

/     Q/++++++\
Q/\/\/\Q/!}| _+
/++++++/\O - ++
\++++++\  -/+++\
/++++++/ -/\++/
\/\/\/\.Q----\ /

Ive also written an online interpreter for BounceFuck in PHP.