FireStats 1.3.0 Beta Out: Search Terms Statistics

A while ago, I posted about using FireStats for MediaWiki statistics. For some weeks now, Ive been using FireStats for tracking statistics on this WordPress blog, too. This is by far the best statistics plugin that I have ever seen. You can find out most things about your visitors patterns through a nice AJAX interface. Also, it doesnt use any JavaScript against visitors, which wins it a lot of points in my eyes.


Recently, the beta for FireStats 1.3.0 was released with a long-awaited feature: recording of search engine keywords. 1.3.0-beta contained a database upgrade which made me backup the FireStats tables before upgrading, although it failed due to a PHP memory limit. I took a deep breath and upgraded anyway, and it turned out perfectly after a couple of minutes database upgrading. To my delight, the keywords had been automatically extracted from the pre-1.3.0 hits.


The only feature that FireStats lacks before Ill call it a full-fledged statistics system is graphs. Im sure this is a high-priority trac ticket somewhere.

Thanks for FireStats, Omry Yadan.

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