WordPress Plugin: The Holy Blog

Tired of your old, boring blog? Are all its plugins just plain lame? Does it lack a divine touch? Then The Holy Blog is just what you need! (Holy Book get the pun? Haha.) The Holy Blog appends a random Bible verse on every page in your blog. Here are som of the features:

  • Verse cache for saving bandwidth and processing time
  • Fully customizable CSS
  • Choose verse update frequency
  • Verse statistics
  • Valid HTML/XHTML
  • Random verse fetched from the ESV

Download and Install

Here, you can download The Holy Blog 1.1. Unzip it and upload the-holy-bible.php to your plugin directory, wp-content/plugins/. Now, you just have to go to the plugin tab in your administration panel and activate the plugin. To change the default settings, go to the options page conveniently located under Options.


  • 2006-07-26, version 1.1:
    • Options page
    • Current verse in options page
    • Verse statistics
    • Next-verse countdown
    • Custom CSS
    • Resetable CSS
    • Variable update frequency
    • Update now-option
  • 2006-07-26, Version 1.0
    • Initial release

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